Best Practices After Removing Website Malware

We do not just clean your website. The Eastern Apps Platform has been built to prevent future attacks and infections. Follow the following steps to keep your site clean after our staff has eliminated all malware and backdoors.

Update Your Website

Ensure that your website software has no known security advisories. Fix all identified security difficulties. Our team will provide certain recommendations.

Run Antivirus Programs

Some computer viruses leap into websites across rich text editors and FTP clients. Secure your computer to be certain that your website stays safe.

Change Passwords

We’ll automatically prompt you to do this across your website, CMS, server, and database to secure any possibly compromised user accounts.

Configure Monitoring

The platform website tracking and scanning system notify you of any undesirable changes to your website content, DNS records, and SSL certificate.

Create Website Backups

A clean website backup can save the day. Our staff can provide advice or you can update your plan to add affordable website copies.

Activate WAF and CDN

Activating the web application firewall keeps hackers out, while our content delivery system enhances availability and page loading time.