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We provide real solutions to a real need. For us, website security is a means to an end: your business shield. Website security is our core business. Your site’s security is our responsibility and that’s the reason you can trust our merchandise and our staff of specialists. Give us a chance to become your partner of security.


After numerous websites under our control were hacked, we took specialized service from professionals. Eastern Apps and received a quick and professional service that saved us from short-term and long term damages, which are common in those sorts of problems. We even received explanations on the fix and how to conduct security hardening. We were more than content with the service and we advised our clients to sign for long term services with Eastern Apps.
Lisa Wilson
Web Designer
I would like to start by saying that I highly recommend the services of Eastern Apps. Our company encountered many times hacking problems in addition to lack of availability from several companies we have worked together and we almost gave up on that situation. Eastern Apps called me up one fine day and provided their services for the treatment of hacked websites. Initially, we were concerned that hey accidentally found our number over the Internet but, very quickly we realized I was dealing with a very serious company that understands and knows the area at a level have yet to see. After a couple of days, the problem was solved and I received answers to every question I had. A few additional problems I had I could not find a solution to have been solved in a fast and professional manner. I would like to add that Eastern Apps' team knows their business, are always available at any time and are trustworthy. Any business that experiences the requirement of website security -- I highly recommend the services of Eastern Apps.
David Miller
Web Developer


We started working with the CWIS plugin, easy to install, professional system that's easy to use and very intuitive. We found that this program provided us with a fantastic solution for our business and excellent support from Eastern Apps.
- Felix Doe
I would like to recommend Eastern Apps. We obtained a professional, fast and kind service that corresponded with our schedule.
- Jennie Kim
I will start with the fact our website was hacked! We tried different antiviruses and did not find any problem with the website. After an additional search we discovered Eastern Apps Which provided us with a full service and solution. We discovered malicious scripts on the website. We received a full service which was very quick and on the maximum level. We signup for longterm monitoring solutions from Eastern Apps.
- Joseph Smith